April 21, 2011

What happens next?

I’ve had wicked writers block this week (if you couldn’t tell from my lack of posts). It’s not that there hasn’t been things to write about, I just haven’t felt like anyone would care to read about monotony.

I would dare say my day-to-day life isn’t all that different from yours. I wake up at 5:45, go to work, eat lunch, work out, go home from work, cook dinner, hang out with friends, then go to sleep around 11. There is nothing exotic or strange about it. Of course each day offers up some sort of absurdity, but I don’t notice those things as much now as I did last fall.

Most of my week has been devoted to cleaning up my resume and scouring the internet for jobs. It’s hard to look for jobs when I’m not even 100% certain with what I want to do with my life.

I’ve narrowed my path down to three choices:
  1.  Writing. Ideally for a magazine, covering issues in which most people opt to remain comfortably oblivious.
  2. Saving the world via an NGO that combats human trafficking.
  3. Brand management for an international hotel or company that needs to stay true to their core identity while being able to fit into locales around the world – practicing intercultural communication at its best.

I don’t know which route will provide me with the best opportunities and I’m scared to commit to one for fear of giving up the other two. It also doesn’t help matters that I would live practically anywhere in the world, which doesn’t do much for narrowing down the possibilities.

The terrifying aspect is that there is a very real possibility that I will soon join one of the millions of educated young adults in America who are unemployed. But tor now, the rejection letters haven’t started pouring in and I’m actually getting excited about some of the positions I’ve applied for, which is helping me stay optimistic.

I know as soon as I go home, the second question people will ask (right after "how was China?") is "So what's next?" I really hope I'll have an answer for that soon, but I assure you that I'm working on it. I'm keeping my eyes and ears peeled for any opportunities.. eh hem..  so loyal readers, if you have any friends of friends who might help a damsel-in-employment-distress out, comment or send me an email. Xie xie (thank you!)

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