November 3, 2010

The abusive boyfriend strikes again

Today was one of those days that China knocked me down, punched me in the head, then took a knife to my gut and ripped me open. I'm now lying in bed reeling from the damage.

I don't need to go into detail about why today was so awful, but it involved a few rounds of crying, a couple of arguments, some disrespectful students (the sympathetic ones made up for the evil ones), and a launch of my body flying five feet through a public bus.

The day ended on a good note with some noodles with eggs and tomatoes after a yoga class at the Best Western (I have a post written about the gym, it's still in the editing department though).

Anyway, tomorrow morning Alex and I leave for Xi'an on one of China's infamous airlines. I'm excited for the hostel scene again, it'll be fun to meet some travelers from other parts of the world and I'm very excited to meet the Terracotta Warriors. 

Here's to hoping all works out with our flight to and from there (the tickets were the punch to my head today trying to work out all of the things the booking agent messed up on... four flight changes later, I'm fairly certain both Alex and I will get to Xi'an and back on the same flight). Well, most likely... I think. Sort of.

Ugh. Say a little prayer for us.

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