November 24, 2010

International Styling

One of the strangest things Alex and I have in common is the countries we’ve had our hair cut in: the US (duh), Italy, and now China. I think the only country I can one-up her on is Canada, but really does that even count?

We went to a place a few minutes from our apartment called Sean’s Hair with a girl from our university. She and Alex had purchased coupons for 80% of hair color more than a month ago, I decided to tag along for a trim.

The hair cut in China was far less terrifying than in Italy. At least this time around I had a native speaker with me as opposed to a note card with helpful Italian phrases. Both Alex and I left our Italian style sessions with distinctively European styles (faux-mullet anyone?) and very blonde locks. We left Sean’s hair looking more or less the same as when we came in. Alex’s highlights were so subtle that Sean offered that she could come in free of charge next week and get them redone.

We both got bangs. The Chinese love bangs, and I should have known mine would double in thickness when I asked to get them trimmed. Alex’s are face-framing and lovely. Mine are very short and a little awkward.

My stylist Jenny was from Sichuan province and meticulously trimmed my bob-style. She told me my hair color was very beautiful and that my eyes were really nice. When she was finished she said I looked like Barbie.

I felt like Catherine Zeta-Jones in Chicago.

I like my cut, I just don’t like how it was styled, but for $4.10 I can’t complain.

The four-hour ordeal at the salon was enjoyable; we made friends with the salon owner and his little gaggle of stylists. I learned a few new vital Chinese words and we taught Sean about two of America’s finest: Sarah Palin and Snookie.

When we were getting ready to leave I asked one of the stylists how to say “blonde” and “brunette” in Chinese. He didn’t quite understand what I asked, so instead I asked him what color my hair was in Chinese. He missed the “Chinese” part of the question and answered, “Your hair is like ash.”



I’m blaming that answer on a translation error.


  1. So I finally caught up on all your posts, Janae! Holy banana pancakes you have been through a lot my dear! I'm laughing and crying with reading your adventures and think that this is right up your alley. I'm jealous in some aspects, but I don't know if I'd be able to handle the language barrier as good as you. My mom and I are in the process of making lefse today, so I will take some pictures and send them to you!

  2. I just lol'd in studio reading that. Your hair looks like ash. Ha! I've always been a fan of a meticulous flapper-bob. I bet you look great.