July 25, 2011

Hot, Couture.

I've been on a bit of a hiatus... not intentionally, it's just what happens when the temperature is more than halfway on its way to hitting the boiling point. Also, it's because I'm still searching for a direction for this blog. No more excuses though, from this point on I'm going to post at least something -- regardless of how short or silly -- every single day. 

I'll start with this gem:

Back in January, I was in Hoi An, Vietnam, which is a small town known for its tailoring. (Some of you might remember this post where I described the ugly shorts and the saga of the white dress). Well, either I have evil friends or they are true friends who love me no matter what I look like, but I rocked the shorts out on the town Thursday night.

On a half-hearted dare from some of those aforementioned friends, I took a challenge to figure out how to style the satin, higher-than-high rise shorts, with a very loud pattern. Most of Wednesday afternoon was spent combing stores up and down 13th Ave in Fargo to find just the right pieces that wouldn't blow my already empty bank account. I think I managed to succeed. I found the wedges on a deep discount, the jewelry for under $10 at Forever 21, and a nice basic white tank at The Limited that will definitely get its money's worth of wear.

By some dumb luck, the Hodo was encouraging all things Hawaiian patterned as part of their annual Dalefest. Unfortunately, those sad, shiny shorts of mine didn't get me a discount. 

Maybe the Hoi An shorts aren't so bad after all. If nothing else, they are a great conversation starter. Trendy? Not so much. But they're certainly a statement piece.

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