July 27, 2011

Pretty political geeks

Since yesterday's post was so long, I thought I'd keep this one short and enjoyable. After all, who doesn't love beautiful people?

Each summer, The Hill ( a newspaper that specializes in the nitty gritty on Capitol Hill and is a morning requisite for every political junky in DC) releases its "50 most beautiful" of Capitol Hill. And for people like me, it's a picture show of bright young things whose jobs I'd love to have. Not to mention, most of them look like they'd be fun to hang out with at a young professionals cocktail party. ...And I wouldn't necessarily turn down an offer for a date from some of the guys.

They're young, motivated, intelligent, and they're in charge of a lot more policy development than arm chair politicians would like to admit.

So click away and enjoy some of our nation's prettiest and smartest politicos.

The Hill's 50 most Beautiful

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