August 1, 2011

...12 months later

A year ago today, I pretended to fly to Hong Kong. And by "pretend" I mean I made it only to Denver before my friend and I turned back for Fargo. There were some snafus with our visa applications and some miscommunication with the job we had waiting in China. 

This post was supposed to be a thrilling monologue of my first impressions of Hong Kong, instead it's an angry and somewhat embarrassing rant that got this blog started on a note that I never anticipated. My failed flight to Hong Kong ushered in nearly two months of waiting, confusion, let downs, and plenty of anxiety and frustration. I had no apartment, my job in China was in jeopardy, and I had no plan B. 

Fast forward to today and some things haven't changed -- I'm still working on finding an apartment, I don't have a job today, but I'm optimistic I will before the month is over, and I do have a plan B if my current track leads nowhere (a lesson learned the hard way last summer). 

Throughout last August and September, the sentiment that I kept hearing from people is that everything inevitably works out the way it should. My experience in China is living proof of that. No, I didn't go with the person I initially sought to go with, but she acquired some very cool experience stateside this past year and is on the fast track to becoming a successful lawyer. And the friend I did go with, well if you've been following the blog at all throughout the year, you know that we went through chaos and hell together and came out of it bonded (and maybe a little scarred) for life.

After I finally made it to Hong Kong for a visit in November, I was immensely thankful that I didn't go there before tackling the mainland. They are two very different creatures, and I think China would have been grotesquely overwhelming had I spent time in Hong Kong before giving the PRC a shot. 

The advice people have been giving me this summer is the exact same words that I heard last year at this time, "everything all works out the way it should." And just like last August 1, I am amidst a giant transition. 

I've had enough of just talking about what I want to do and have decided to just take the risk and DO it. I booked tickets to Vancouver and Seattle, and will be out there next week at this time. In the 10 days I'm there, I intend on finding a place to live and land my first salaried job. Both much easier said than done. 

I have some leads and I'm really excited to check out the city. I feel like I have to turn myself into a walking bullet list of personality traits, professional abilities, and career goals. I'll be interviewed by potential employers, housemates, and in a sense by potential new friends (meeting new people always seems to feel like a less-stressful version of a job interview). I'm looking forward to the new opportunities and am more than ready to re-enter the world of pencil skirts and pumps.

My feet haven't had a chance to gather dust beneath them in the last few years, but I'm ready to sit still for a while. Seattle might seem like a random pick, but I'm going on a gut feeling and a lot of faith that the wise people who have given me advice this August and last are right, that everything will work out as it should.


  1. Good luck Janae!!! I wish you the best! :)

  2. Thanks, Tana!! Sorry for the late reply, I forget to check if anyone ever comments :)