August 22, 2011

The welcoming war zone

Tonight I'm feeling lazy, stressed out, and totally in denial that I will be moving to the other end of the country in two days...

In my state of denial, I've spent an inordinate amount of time in front of the TV tonight. Thankfully, the Travel Channel had an all-evening marathon of my fav, Anthony Bourdain. I watched snippets of his Ukraine episode and most of his show on Maine, but I was enthralled with his Kurdistan episode. He visited the semi-autonomous region of northern Iraq and then went into the dominantly Kurdish areas of Turkey. Because Iraq is still considered a war zone, Tony and his crew when through special training (for insurance purposes and to terrify/prepare them). Despite the scary "war zone" title Kurdistan carries, Mr. Bourdain showcased its beauty, complexity and hospitality. As always, he left me wishing I could get a passport stamp to the places he goes. 

As far as checking the episode out, you are left to the mercies of the Travel Channel re-run schedule (or Netflix). But you can check out Anthony's blog and see clips from the episode right now, if you'd like.

...and just in case you're curious and have a few minutes, here are some tourism videos (slideshows) I found on YouTube. I kind of appreciate the videos' rustic (?) feel, a lot of the photos are low quality and the clips get a little bit long, but I really dig the music.

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