August 16, 2010

Barnyard Yoga

Well 16 days into this awkward, transient new lifestyle of mine, I find myself wishing ever so slightly that I was going back to school next week with all of my friends. Ok, so maybe I'm just hungry for the predictability of it...or the social life.

I've now spent more time on the farm this summer than I have in four years. I'm living in gym shorts and baggy t-shirts and I don't remember the last time I did anything with my hair besides pinning back my bangs. I've been living out of my suitcase since July 7 (due to moving, coming home in July, etc.), which means my sock and underwear drawer has been a travel-size space bag for more than 40 days. Let me tell you, space bags are not designed for daily use.

I'm trying to give myself some sort of purpose while I'm home, doing things that I normally would living by myself. Like yoga, for example. A few days ago I set my mat out on the grass and was looking forward to 60 minutes of outdoor bliss...until my dad rolled in with the grain truck, quickly followed by one uncle in his pickup truck, who was then followed a few minutes later by another uncle in a tractor. I could hear a collective "what the hell?!" from the looks they gave me. Just another notch in my you're-too-liberal-for-your-own-good rep that my extended family has christened me with. Oh well, it's all for fun anyway..

My days are quite boring, I glide through a few hours of my online ESL teaching course (not required for my job, but I have to clue how to go about teaching anyone about anything) then I eat lunch, after which I study some Chinese, then yoga and a bike ride through prairie trails completely covered in butterflies (for real; alfalfa is bloom for the second time this season, hence: butterflies). Then I'll make supper. And sit with my family.

It's miles from what I thought I would be doing. It's certainly not what I ought to be doing as a college graduate. And I'm definitely not living up to my capabilities. But, I'm doing my best to make the most out of an unfortunate hiccup in my plans.

On a positive parents, aunt and uncle and I are going to have Mexican food in the old nursing home in Noonan. Ethnic food in strange places weirds me out, like Chinese food in Canada. Why does everyone from around here jump the border for Chinese food?  It certainly can't be for it's authenticity, Estevan isn't exactly teeming with Asians.

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